A Few Options To Use Keepass Even More Safely

To use everyone’s favorite password tool Keepass more safely, enable the following options:

1) Enter master key on secure desktop. You can find this option in the security tab in the options dialog.


This option will make sure it’s very difficult for key loggers to steal your master password of your Keepass database while you enter it. Read more on it here.

2) Two-channel auto-type obfuscation. This option can be enabled only per password entry.


This option will paste parts of the password through the clipboard making almost any keylogger useless. Read more on it here.

You will receive a warning that this option won’t work with all windows.


As long as you’re using Keepass mainly for passwords for web services, you should be fine.

I recommend you look around in the options dialog to see of you can tweak some more options for your security. Let me know in the comments if you find something that everyone should use.

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