VMware vMA resxtop error: Login failed, reason: Success

Working with resxtop in the vMA today and mistyping a servername created this funny error:

[root@vmware-vma vi-admin]# resxtop –server blabla.lan –username root
root@blabla.lan’ password:
Login failed, reason: Success
[root@vmware-vma vi-admin]#


I just wanted to share this with you =)


Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 Flash Player vulnerabilities thoughts

In Internet Explorer 10 the Adobe Flash Player isincluded by default. I don’t know the exact reason for this, but I don’t really care. Google is doing this for almost 2 years with Google Chrome. As soon as Adobe releases an update, Google Chrome is also updated. It seems to work and it certainly prevent users from using an ancient Flash Player plugin with dozens of vulnerabilities. I think this is why Microsoft decided to jump on this bandwagon,too.

But wait. How does Microsoft distribute it’s patches? By implementing a patch tuesday every month. The consequences of this combination of choices become painfully clear with the release of Windows 8. It contains a months old version of the Flash Player plugin that can’t be manually updated.

The update to the most recent version, that contains patches to (at least) vulnerabilities disclosed in APSB12-18 and APSB12-19, will be available no sooner then October 26th. How embarrasing. I really can’t believe noone of all those smart people at Microsoft forsaw this scenario. It must have been a management decision…. 😛

There is nothing more to say then to advise all Windows 8 users to use IE10 for 1 thing only; browse to getfirefox.com or the Chrome release channels and download ‘the other browser’. I prefer Chromium daily builds myself, but you condemn yourself to frequent manual updates. In case of FF or Chromium, the next thing to do is to browse to the Flash Player download page and get the file for plugin based browsers and install it.

And keep the browser on your system (and keep it updated), even if you start using IE10 after it’s got the Flash Player patch. Why? Because this scenario will repeat itself unless Microsoft will find a way to release these specific patches on a day-to-day basis.

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