Sophos Enterprise Console not updating. Error “An update manager has not updated since…”

A quick post on this one. Sophos Antivirus was working fine. Updates were downloaded. Clients were updated. The Enterprise Console however didn’t display the current statistics and showed error “An update manager has not updated since <insert date>”.

After many hours of browsing the Sophos Knowledge base and troubleshooting I finally stumbled upon a post that drew my attention. Although this post was almost a year old and handled software of 2 minor versions back (4.5 instead of 4.7), I decided to give it a try anyway.

After uninstalling Microsoft .NET Framework 4 for Windows Server 2008 x64-based Systems (KB982671) and the Client Profile (and 2 reboots), the Sophos Enterprise Console started to display current data again. This would make more sense to me if the updates were installed a day (or week) before the error occurred. The updates were, however, installed months earlier.

I hope this info helps you before wasting hours of troubleshooting!


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