Namebench DNS benchmark tool to speed up your Internet browsing experience

I  want to shift your attention today to a nifty tool called namebench. This freeware DNS benchmark tool finds the fastest DNS servers for your specific Internet connection by testing and measuring the response times of several DNS servers. This can greatly increase your browsing experience. A few milliseconds doesn’t seem much, but you generate hundreds to thousands DNS request per browsing session.

And as a bonus, it runs on Windows, OS X and Linux/UNIX! Download the tool here.

Complementary , here are some public DNS servers for you to test:

Public DNS servers from Google (without any filters):

Public DNS servers from OpenDNS (they may block porn and malware sites):

Public DNS servers form ScrubIt

Public DNS servers from DNS Advantage (they may block malware sites): ( (

You can also use and which are advertised by Comodo

Public DNS servers from DNSResolvers (without any filters): ( (

A Level3 DNS-Server with Anycast (multiple locations) (without any filters): (

A Cabe & Wireless DNS-Server with Anycast (multiple locations) (without any filters): (

Personally, I’m using and now.


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