Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 error: ‘Can’t display text, images or objects due to a damaged file’ KB2464588 and KB2543541

One of my users reported a problem with several PowerPoint presentation files (.ppt). When opening any .ppt in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 she received an error telling her that certain text, images or objects couldn’t be displayed on the slides because the file was damaged.

The error in Dutch was “PowerPoint kan bepaalde tekst, afbeeldingen of objecten niet weergeven op de dia’s in het bestand %FILENAME% omdat deze beschadigd zijn. Deze dia’s zijn …..”, etc. I’ll write it out here, so Google may index it. It’s always so hard to find information based on an error description in a ‘foreign’ language.

After I confirmed it was not a device nor a user problem, I quickly stumbled upon a blogpost by ‘The Microsoft Office Sustained Engineering Team’, confirming the bug was introduced by patch MS11-022 (KB2464588).  Microsoft has issued a hotfix through KB2543541. I wouldn’t dare to provide a direct download link to this patch, so you’ll have to go through the tedious download process yourself here.

I installed the patch on 3 test machines. On all machines, with several user accounts, the problem was fixed. I’ll install this hotfix together with the May 2011 patches.

Microsoft has scheduled to release this hotfix as a public patch in June 2011.

I hope this information  helped you guys and girls =)


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2 Responses to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 error: ‘Can’t display text, images or objects due to a damaged file’ KB2464588 and KB2543541

  1. Ralph says:

    For some unfathomable reason my desktop XP Pro PC developed precisely the same problem. I use the same PPT version (installed from the same CD) on a Windows 7 laptop and a Windows XP notebook, where it does not occur. When I downloaded the hotfix (available in English only whereas my PPT is in Dutch) and unzipped it to my C drive, I was told that either the patch was not appropriate for the program or the program could not be found. It’s there allright, and it is the required Office SP3 version. So unfortunately I am dumfounded. I can only say that on the day that anything offered by Microsoft actually does what it promises to do, I’ll bbq my shoes and eat them.

  2. Thanks a lot, this was indeed very helpful!

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