BlackBerry Bold 9780 ‘BlackBerry AppWorld is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry AppWorld server’

After switching from my BB Bold 9700 to a 9780, I was unable to connect to the BlackBerry AppWorld server. I did receive update notifications, but was unable to install them. My Facebook app also stopped working, telling me it couldn’t contact the server(s). At the time, BB OS6 was still very new, so I decided to install some newer beta builds to see if it would solve my issue. I upgraded all the way up to the current build over time, but my problem wasn’t solved.

I tried another Google search today in Dutch instead of in English and while browsing I came across a BB KB article that actually gave the solution, hurrah! I will paste the solution here as a mirror in case the KB article will be taken down on the BB site, just like what happens to so many Microsoft KB articles:


The following error message appears when BlackBerry App World™ is started:

BlackBerry AppWorld™ is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry AppWorld™ server. Verify your network connections and try again.

  • BlackBerry® smartphones that operate on CDMA networks
  • BlackBerry App World™ storefront to, and to
  • DT 396908
  • DT 568190
  • DT 629799
  • DT 853259
  • DT 1059029

There are multiple causes for this error.


Cause 1

Some wireless service providers using the CDMA network are not able to connect correctly using earlier versions of BlackBerry App World.

Resolution 1

To resolve this issue, update to the most current version of BlackBerry App World™.

Cause 2

Multiple e-mail addresses are associated with PayPal®. At this time, BlackBerry AppWorld™ does not support the association of multiple e-mail addresses with PayPal on the same BlackBerry® smartphone.

Resolution 2

This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.

Note: See the workaround at the bottom of the KB.

Cause 3

You are using a BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition smartphone with a roaming Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.

Resolution 3

Remove the roaming SIM card from the BlackBerry® smartphone.

Cause 4

The account setup for the BlackBerry® ID has not completed.

Resolution 4

This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.

Note: See the workaround at the bottom of the KB.

Cause 5

BlackBerry® smartphones that have handheld software 6.0 have a setting that will permit insecure renegotiations which has been incorrectly set.

Resolution 5

  1. Change the setting to permit insecure negotiations by completing the steps below:
  2. From the Home Screen of the BlackBerry smartphone select Options
  3. From the Options menu select Security
  4. Next, select Advanced Security Settings
  5. Select TLS
  6. If the box labeled Permit Insecure Renegotiations is unchecked, then select the checkbox to enable this setting

Cause 2

Create a new PayPal user name that is associated with a single e-mail address.

Cause 4

Complete the setup of the BlackBerry® ID by performing the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. In the upper right area of the website, click the Sign In link.
  3. This will open a BlackBerry ID login page. Use your existing BlackBerry ID account to log in.
  4. If the account page or sign up page is presented, complete the details for this to finish the BlackBerry ID registration process.

The one that did the trick for me was Resolution 5. Although I’m quite a paranoid internet user, I can’t recall disabling this option. I’m pretty sure it was the default setting in OS6. Pretty annoying. I hope this blog will help spread the solution to other annoyed BB OS6 users =)


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3 Responses to BlackBerry Bold 9780 ‘BlackBerry AppWorld is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry AppWorld server’

  1. rich says:

    Like seriously guys? Haven’t spent 10 seconds getting this PAINFULLY OBVIOUS AND EXTREMELY ANNOYING problem worked out?

    For 9 months now i have no resolution. I have a bb appworld account, suddenly i can no longer sign in. I cannot log into the website via computer browser or my phone. Logging into the website returns a page not found, because of the unhanded exception. My carrier obviously has no clue and is completely useless. What is the problem with having more than 1 email address associated to the account? like.. What a bunch of idiots. If you have bought apps already with an account that no longer works you are screwed. There is NO resolution and never will be one.

  2. v says:

    this is absolutely ridiculous; no wonder BB is losing users left and right as they have no idea what is going on.
    trying to switch to new 9900 and suddenly can’t login to the app world; can login from the web site but not from the new device.
    same happen to me when trying to use the new 9810 torch a week ago – my favorite app that I use daily could not run on 9810; it installed ok, but when running gave a message that cannot support the device; one strange fact is that it is supposed to download v 2.x and i was getting always 1.3 from the store; fix the damn app world – it will render all devices unusable. I gave up on 9810; almost ready to give up on 9900…
    if this continues – almost ready to give up on BB at all; it is getting worse by the day

  3. hollyharrison says:

    ughhh I cant login to app world either- it is really annoying- I’ve tried everything and spent hours trying to fix this. they really need a solution that works. I can’t update any of my apps!

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