Remote Desktop RDP error 516 after virtualizing a Windows Server 2003 server

After virtualizing another server into our vSphere environment, I was unable to connect to it through the Remote Desktop Protocol/Client (mstsc.exe). The error code was 516. This is a generic error code, that just means there was no listener found on the specified IP address on port 3389. The decription of the error already makes some suggestions how to fix it.

  1. Check if RDP is enabled.
  2. Check if the computer is turned on.
  3. Check if the computer is (physically) connected to the network and check the VLAN config.

After I made sure these three points were correct, I still wasn’t able to connect. A ‘netstat -a’ on the server showed me that no process was listening on port 3389.

I checked the Terminal Services Configuration, and everything made sense. The ‘Microsoft RDP 5.2’ icon had a red cross and threw a sensible error about a missing network adapter.

The previous admin had selected the network adapter from the drop down list on the Network Adapter tab of the properties of the RDP-Tcp Connection. Weirdly enough, there was only 1 physical NIC in the server, so I still can’t quite understand why. But anyways, I selected the option ‘All network adapters configured with this protocol’, to avoid identical problems in the future, and everything was working again =)


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