Remove the VMware Service Console from your ESXi host

To remove the service console from your ESXi host:

simply remove the ESXi host from your cluster and re-add it:

The reason this might occur is the following.

1) You plan to upgrade from ESX to ESXi

2) You put the ESX host in maintenance mode and reboot

3) You install ESXi on the host, overwriting ESX

4) You configure the correct (IP) settings and reconnect to the ESXi host

5) You configure all other settings

6) You exit maintenance mode and start using your ESXi host.

Seems reasonable.

The problem is your vCenter Server doesn’t know you did an ‘upgrade’ even though it will see you’re using ESXi now instead of ESX. In other words, some database records are not updated or removed from the vCenter database. When you remove a host from your cluster, the vCenter Agent is uninstalled and vCenter removes it’s host info from it’s database. When you re-add your host to the cluster, it’s like a new host to vCenter. Thus it installs the vCenter Agent and creates new records in it’s database. If you’re adding an ESXi host, it will not create a record for the Service Console.

So next time you upgrade from ESX to ESXi, remove your host from your cluster first =)


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