Protect yourself with the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v2.0

Here’s a very nifty tool you can use to configure your system to be less vulnerable to today’s threats. It’s called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v2.0. It’s from Microsoft and it’s free of charge.

It protects your system by using multiple techniques to protect your processes from the most common techniques used by malware today to hijack your system.

It enables and uses techniques like ‘Structure Exception Handler Overwrite Protection (SEHOP)’, ‘Dynamice Data Execution Prevention (DEP)’, ‘Mandatory Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)’ and ‘Export Address Table Access Filtering (EAF)’.

We already knew using x64 versions of the Microsoft Operating Systems is safer then using their x86 counterparts, but with this tool it is now possible to raise the security level of x86 systems to about the same level as x64 systems.

You can download the tool here and the user guide here.

When you start the tool, you can see the status of your system and processes running.

With the ‘Configure System’ button you can enable and configure system wide process protection techniques.

With the ‘Configure Apps’ button you can enable/disable every technique separately for every application you want.

I’ve had some problems with DEP in the past, but the last couple of years I’ve enabled it by default and never experienced any problems. It is, however, advisable to test applications before enabling any or all features.

Overall, this tool is very simple, very useful and I recommend everyone to start to use this asap to be more protected from today’s and tomorrow’s malware.


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