Completely disable IPv6 on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista

To completely disable IPv6 on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, it’s not enough to just uncheck the IPv6 setting in you Network Adapter’s properties. Type ‘ipconfig/all’ in an administrative command prompt and you’ll see what I mean.

To completely disable IPv6, create the DWORD (32-bit) registry key DisabledComponents in


and give it the value ‘FF’. This will show as 0x0000ff (255).

Reboot the machine and type ‘ipconfig/all’ in an administrative command prompt and you’ll see your IPv6 settings are gone.


WSUS Error “FATAL: Failed to show client UI, directive=5, hr=80010108”

I tried to install Office 2007 patches on a Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise server today. This server was in a normal server OU and received the WSUS settings with client side processing from a GPO linked to that OU.

First problem, I needed to only approve Office 2007 patches for this server. I created a subgroup in WSUS and approved the Office 2007 update only for this group. I then deleted the server from WSUS, edited the TargetGroup REG_SZ value in HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate on the server and ran wuauclt/ResetAuthorization and after a while wuauclt/detectnow. The server popped up nicely in the newly created subgroup in WSUS. But I received no updates :-/

I suspected some other registry settings were working against me.  I didn’t know which ones and I didn’t want the GPO to overwrite my reg setting, so I decided to created another GPO and link it to the server OU allowing it only to be applied to this one server with Office 2007 installed on it. Gpresult showed me, however, that the GPO was not applied. It was due to another enforced GPO overwriting my settings *SIGH*.

So I created a OU under the servers OU and dropped my server there. I unlinked my GPO from the servers OU and enforced it on my new OU. I configured the ‘Configure automatic Updates’ with option 5 so I could configure the Windows Update settings to download automatically and prompt me for installation. I still received no updates.

The %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log showed me this error: “FATAL: Failed to show client UI, directive=5, hr=80010108”. I Googled it and found no definitive answer. I found some references to Office.

So I got the idea to install Office 2007 SP1 b y hand and go from there. The service pack needed a reboot. I logged in after the reboot and was presented with the remaining approved updates from WSUS immediately. I checked the %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log and indeed the error was gone. Hurray!

After I installed all remaining updates, I moved the server back to the server OU, unlinked my newly created GPO from the newly created sub OU and deleted it, disabled the newly created GPO and ran ‘gpupdate/force’, ‘gpresult’, deleted the machine from the WSUS subgroup, ran ‘wuauclt/ResetAuthorization’ and finally the ‘wuauclt/detectnow’ command so I was sure no additional Windows update was needed after installation of the Office 2007 SP1 with updates.

The log showed me ‘0 updates detected’. All done!

I’m not sure if a simple reboot was all I needed, bu stopping and starting the Automatic Update service had no effect, so my guess is the  GPO option ‘Configure automatic Updates’ with option 5 did the trick.

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