Windows Update keeps asking for a restart

I finally made the leap of faith towards IE8. I just thought it was fait to start testing that too. And of course to broaden my perspective. I installed IE8 beta2 yesterday morning, but in the afternoon I was already sorry when I saw IE8 consuming over 400MB of physical RAM for just 5 open tabs :(. Ah well. I ran Windows Update though and it told me, RC1 was out. So I installed that in hope of getting something a little less RAM-consuming. The installation first had to uninstall the beta2 and reboot. Since that, I get nagged by Windows Update saying that I have to reboot ‘after installing updates’. Rebooting, of course, doesn’t help. Grrr. I tried to run the Windows Update again, but the same message popped up. Argh. I browsed through the registry and deleted the key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\AutoUpdate\RebootRequired and I could run Windows Update again. It told me there are no more update. Okay, so far so good. Then the yellow Windows Update shield popped op again telling me to reboot after installing updates. I checked the above registry key, and it was magically back… To be continued.


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One Response to Windows Update keeps asking for a restart

  1. Greg Bray says:

    Might want to check into stopping or disabling the “Automatic Updates” service. Whenever Windows Update prompts you to restart your computer after an update you can stop the updates service to prevent the message from re-appearing every 5 minutes. Really helpful when the message keep appearing in the middle of a class or presentation.

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